Testimonials from readers of Jenni Chandler’s first book the
Allen & Unwin Cryptic Crossword Solver

Every author is pleased to receive testimonials. It’s a way of connecting with readers and learning what they find enjoyable and useful. Here are some comments from readers of Jenni Chandler’s first cryptic book the Allen & Unwin Cryptic Crossword Solver

(Although this book is no longer in print, the good news is that its content has been greatly expanded and the NEW Chandler Cryptic Clue Solver will be available for download from this site very soon.)

“Thank you for producing your very handy, helpful and useful CRYPTIC CROSSWORD SOLVER. There is a definite need for this type of book, especially for all those who are just starting to learn how to solve CRYPTIC puzzles. Even the experts at cryptic crossword solving can pick up quite a lot of hints.”
Mona Vale, NSW
“… thank you for your very helpful book. Out of my library of books relating to the solving of cryptics, I’d rate it the best.”
Rosebery, Tasmania
“…we love your ‘crossy’ book – it is used frequently and found to be very helpful.
Clayton, Victoria
“… the Cryptic Crossword Solver … has already proved to be a useful accomplice in the attack on cryptic crosswords.”
Richmond, Victoria
“Congratulations on the splendid interview with Carole Whitelock on 5AN yesterday. I have never heard a better advocate for cryptic crosswording, or anything else for that matter … today I bought your book. It’s an excellent compendium …”
Oaklands Park, South Australia

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