"Discover how to solve cryptic crosswords ...
Free step-by-step instructions"

Have you ever wondered how some people can solve cryptic crossword clues so easily ... while you're left thinking "I don't even know where to begin"?

Or perhaps you've been doing these mind-bending word plays successfully for some time but occasionally get stumped and don't understand why.

Well, here's some good news!

Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, I can help you decipher cryptic clues and make sense of the hidden rules.

(For my North American visitors, these puzzles are often known in the USA and Canada as British crosswords ... so of course I'll be using English spelling and references.)

Some people think that getting help to solve a crossword is cheating. It isn't! Cryptics are designed to deceive and, before you begin there are some things you just need to know.

So, if you've always wanted to be a Miss Marple or a Hercule Poirot, sifting through clues to find the correct answer, stay with me. Together we'll explore how a 15x15 grid can challenge your brain, extend your delight in words and give you a great deal of fun.

Let's move on to Lesson 1 ...

How to solve cryptic crosswords : Lesson 1
The words used in cryptic crossword clues are often not what they seem! Learn how to look at words cryptically.
Cryptic crossword history
The history of the crossword is less than one hundred years old. Back then, crosswords were predicted to be a passing phase and medical opinion held that they would lead to brain fatigue ... !
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